The Supernatural Shield

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

  So there I was, strumming through my favorite non-sense book, the Bible, preparing for my next blog entry entitled “Moral Evolution” Based off the biblical God, that is the God of scripture, being extremely violent, resentful of mankind as well as incredibly sick. Almost every required sacrifice involves an Altar being built; yes the same type of altar in almost every church just an FYI, as well as burning whatever unlucky creature targeted for this act, clearly no distinction between human or animal (Genesis 8:20, Genesis 22). Why burning you may ask? Well, apparently God has a soft spot for burning flesh. He absolutely loves the aroma so much so he promised to never destroy mankind again creating the rainbow as proof of his covenant with humans and his promising to never again destroy all of mankind via flood waters (Genesis 9:15). But I’m afraid I’ll save the rest of that rant for my next article; I’ll call this one an impulse article.

  I find it interesting that the Church more times than not, steps in as worldly representatives for a divine dictator as a sort of Public Relations service. Before we can even ask the question “Why did God do NOTHING AT ALL to stop the horrific act.” they intervene ever so quickly polluting every headline with statements such as… “When we think of the children themselves we trust in God, we ask Him to take them into His care and take them home; and all the more so because they are so young and innocent.”… “And then of course, a quiet word. A quiet prayer for the mother of the children because God is the only one who knows and can see into her troubled heart.” And just like that they completely relinquish God from all responsibility as well as provide a pain in my stomach and heart that cannot be described by even the most accurate analogy. If you don’t recognize the excerpt it’s taken from the Edinburgh Murders in 2010. Theresa Riggi a mother of 3 is accused of killing her children and attempting to cover up the vicious crime by staging an explosion in the home, jumping out of the second floor window to save herself.

  The Catholic Church held the funeral service and from what I’ve read and photos taken a very beautiful one at that. However, one can’t help but wonder where the Omnipotent, Omni benevolent, Omniscient was during the act. Furthermore how is it we need to ASK God to let the children into his home? Being that he failed to protect them in their material home wouldn’t it be only right he permit them into his? It seems insulting to me. For example if we accuse an innocent man of murder, sentence him to life in prison, then 15 years later revisit the case, realize the court system failed him then release him, compensation would surely be expected. Do the same rules not apply to the ultimate rule maker? Doesn’t his failure to take action against the crime automatically reserve a spot in Heaven? Another troubling line is “All the more so because they are so young and innocent.” An obvious final plea, a sort of closing statement to the jury. It highlights, in my opinion, the cruelty of the crime and shows a truly negligent uncaring God; in society we may call a bad parent, one surely not to be trusted or depended upon.

  The statement”When we think of the children we trust in God” is a slap in the face. How could you trust such a being? In almost all arguments people bring up personal experience. Usually a traumatic event that took place where the story teller overcame unimaginable odds, and left with only 1 explanation for their survival, there must have been a protector, there had to have been an unseen force that shielded them through the mishap, a supernatural superhero.

  This claim in itself, I think, is a very selfish one and with it comes certain assertions. To believe that you where saved or shielded you first need to ask why the event took place at all. Why was this mishap divinely inspired in the first place? Why you where chosen to continue down the path while others are dismissed early. If your response is along the lines of “God has a plan for me” then you have to imagine that God had no plan at all for these 3 children, or his plan was in fact there early death, an extremely wasteful and cruel plan indeed. Your claiming your life is worth more than those poor children, even though, many times these same people are not major contributors to society or are doing anything significant at all. Right about now Ill expect the arguments, God works in mysterious ways, his knowledge more vast, his plan unknowable by mere mortals all excellent excuses, because although unable to be proved are certainly not disprovable either.

  If one claims personal experience as a reasonable defense I would have to pose that very question and if decided that, yes, I am more important than those children, my continuation on this earth is part of a greater plan that’s yet to unfold and that those very children were not a part of. Then what does that say about the person making the claim. It’s a self important, egotistical, self esteem builder and if you agree with that claim than what does that say about you?

  I’d like to end this with a few last minute thoughts, refute a few possible rebuttals, as well as send my deepest condolences to the Riggi family. First I in no way at all wish to cause any pain nor grief on the Riggi family, I used them as a recent example, as the headline is what poked the fire. I’m expecting the argument, that the family may be deeply religious and/or requested the church, and this entry may be perceived as a sort of a “Kick them while there down” attempt, unintentional of course. Perhaps they do depend on prayer to make them feel better about things and I’m sure some of you will say I’m selfish for taking that from them. It’s this objection I pose an alternative route to sympathy sharing. Why not a more realistic approach “Your families in my thoughts, I’m sorry for your loss but brighter days are ahead.” Provide realistic optimism not the promise of seeing your lost love ones again (which in my mind would be grounds for suicide). The ultimate closure is understanding that that person is gone and is not coming back, you had your time together but like all things, that time has ended. It’s an unfortunate event that took place and surely worthy of the world’s grievance, but you CANNOT promise closure through God, it’s not fair to promote the being that failed you in the first place or ensure anyone they will be together again in an undisclosed location. Pastor Douglas Wilson once said “You have to close in on certain truths; you have to stand somewhere in order to get anywhere.” Accepting life for what it is and understanding it’s not eternal is, in my opinion, the best way to prepare for disaster, and will give a new meaning to the value of life in the here and now. This is the only one you have, Do NOT take it for granted!

P.S.- Any reference to GOD in this or any article I write is not an attack on an actual being, it is however a full blown attack at the idea of a Eternal Dictator.