Who, What, When, Where and Why

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Aside from my biography I thought it would be an excellent idea to explain the Who, What, When, Where and Why. Who is obviously who I am, What I’m doing, When I realized I was indeed an Atheist, Where I stand not only in the material world and 3D dimensions but where my heart is in relation to the message I’m promoting. And last but not least Why…Why am I doing this, why accept the risk, why take the time, why is this subject so important to me. Using the following paragraphs I hope to explain myself as thorough as possible so not to be confused on my position or the content of my music.


My name is Chris Knight; I was born in Denver Colorado and raised in Western PA. I was born into a Roman Catholic family and raised in the church for most of my life. I attended Catholic School from elementary to 4th grade, public school 5th thru 7th, back to the Church for 8th and public school again for my High School years. I’m currently serving in the U.S. Army and am a student at the University Of Maryland pursuing a degree in Psychology. I have 1 son whose mother I get along with great, a lovely fiancé (sorry no white picket fence) and an upcoming record label Different Circle.


I’m often asked what my objective is, what it is I’m doing this for. That’s simple; if you would have asked me a few years ago what I believed in I would have told you I’m not too sure. Rewind a few years before that and I would have said God very skeptically a few years before that I may have said God hands down. If you where to ask me if I knew who Professor Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens where, I wouldn’t have had the faintest idea and THAT I think is the problem, not knowing the support element you have. Being unaware that there are others of like-mind, who aren’t afraid to proclaim their views and are willing to take risk needed to promote reason as opposed to faith. Now that my consciousness has been raised I feel it’s my duty to extend a hand to every single person that’s unaware of this movement, unaware of facts and details, unarmed when engaged by religious antagonists and afraid to proclaim their lack of belief or often times, I’ve found, afraid to admit to themselves in fear of social alienation. Music is one more conveyor and something I happened to be good at. Therefore I cannot think of a better method to raise the consciousness of the uniformed. I’m happy to say “Yes I’m an Atheist and this is why”.


Christopher Hitchens states “You don’t become an Atheist so much as you realize that’s what you are.” In my case and I’m sure I’m not alone, it was quite the opposite. If you read the introduction to this blog then you already know a bit of my background. I deployed to Iraq in 2007 serving 15 months in the Baghdad area conducting convoy security operations. Life’s a little different once your deployed to a place like that, once you’re no longer sheltered, a perk of being a United States citizen, once you realize that you yourself are now the driving force between life and death and just how quickly one mistake can end all of it. I began to realize the seriousness of religion and really got the chance to see firsthand how very real, obsessive faith can and is affecting the world; stories that I will gladly share in later posts.

Observation is what sent me on a quest for the divine, questions about misery, hatred, needless death, small group alienation and genocide, just to name a few. Since that time I began doing my homework, so to speak, researching the origins of religion, the history of it. I began sifting thru fact and fallacy, truth and rumors, at all times keeping an open mind and heart. Remember I went into this a Catholic with questions and since have found no reason at all to continue down the path of holiness. What I found where historical inconsistencies, outrageous claims with absolutely no proof to back them up, and no need at all to believe any of it to be true. I saw behind the mask of religion and can now face it for what it is….toxic. And I truly think if most people took the same steps, with an open heart, they would clearly see the path does not and cannot lead to neither religion nor GOD.


Well as of right now I am yet again in lovely Iraq serving a 12 month tour and 3 months shy from being home. Currently home is Ft. Lewis, WA but have intentions of returning to Pittsburgh for a short visit, then London to attend a convention held by Professor Richard Dawkins and his colleagues.


Probably the most important question and one I get asked the most. Why do I feel this is important, why do I care, why should anyone care, why Id put this in my music. I’ll start with the first then work my way down the list.

Why do I feel this is important…The average person doesn’t realize the body count of religious war, the promotion of slavery and domestic violence. The average person doesn’t see a connection with supporting irrational thought from birth, then punishing the god-fearing criminal that performs an irrational crime in the very name of the being he was brought up to believe was and is ABSOLUTELY real. What the average person does know is that their preferred religion, no matter how outrageous the claim, is the ultimate truth and absolutely peaceful. The problem is that same person doesn’t know why, nor cares to understand what they would bet their life on but will be the first to say ‘you need GOD’.  And it’s that lack of understanding, the dedication to blind faith as opposed to reason that paves the way for the extremists groups. You may not agree with the man who kills for God, Allah or Zeus but you better understand that by allowing people to accept religion as a rational way of thinking you are single-handedly preparing the next generation for unnecessary violence.

Why do I care, why should anyone care? I care for all the reasons I named in the previous paragraph. Up until September 11th no-one considered religious extremism a serious threat to humanity, as you never really heard much about it. No-one ever mentioned the role the Roman Catholic Church played in the Holocaust, you never once heard about religious confrontations in Northern Ireland between Protestants and Catholics. And why do you suppose that is? Because it didn’t become important to us until we saw the destruction other countries have seen for years first hand. Even now the focus is on Muslim extremism, the wicked following of a malicious Prophet, but if you where to bring up the Lord’s Resistance Army, a Christian group whose business is the enslavement and rape of over 2000 children in Uganda all while fighting a civil war for Christian theocracy whose laws are based on the Ten Commandments, it wouldn’t be believed. These are very serious issues and need to be addressed as such and while we address these issues we need to identify the cause. When something good happens its Gods way, when something evil happens the person that committed the evil act must have been crazy. This is avoiding responsibility, wearing a transparent blind fold. You can clearly see the issue but not realize the cause. (In this case the sun blinding you and you not realizing the blind fold is clear).

Why do I put this in my music, am I just trying to make a buck off the debate? Well I’m not a very good actor or director and don’t believe I have the illustrative skill to write a book, but what I do have is musical talent. I won’t call it a gift because that implies a giver; I know perfectly well I picked up this skill over time thanks to my surroundings and lots of practice. Never the less I’m not a fan of music without meaning or a message, and up until now I never really had a message to give. I used music growing up to vent about negative aspects of my life as a sort of counseling, a way to express my feelings and apparently never lost the need. More recently I began thinking, I need to lend a hand in the fight over religious tolerance but what difference could I make, what tools do I have at my disposal, how could I be of service (It’s tempting to title it a “calling” or say “It was meant to be” or perhaps “destiny”. Tempting but not likely). Music is the great conveyor of whatever message you would like, hand someone a book and they may never take the time to read it, offer a web address and they may never go to it, but play a catchy song and see how many people ask “Who is this, where can I find this music” and you’ll see why I’m doing what I’m doing. This is my way of supporting the movement, much like Christianity has its hip-hop artists spreading the word of Jesus, now Atheism has a voice as well. Everyone has something they can be doing and those that are lying back in the shadows, in silent disbelief, although not hurting anyone are definitely not helping matters at all. There are far more non-believers than I think people realize, power in numbers is what will get our voice heard, the voice of reason, the voice of freedom, our voice. You cannot I repeat CANNOT set aside your First Amendment Rights for the sake of religious tolerance and bullying. That my dear readers is why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Thank You

  1. Matt Hammer says:

    Thats some deep shit dawg…wow!

    • EXP of DC says:

      Was working on my second blog entry titled “Ancient Ignorance vs. Modern Ignorance- Moral Evolution” but got a bit side tracked. Finishing up on what will now be my second blog not yet titled. Ill let you know when its up. Tell a friend.

  2. miss you says:

    Miss You

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